artist statement

We are interested in the identity of communities and the appropriation of space. We investigate how language operates as a vector of both.
For our first solo show in Asia we have been invited to work on the issue of mobility.
Our interest wasn't to map from an overview perspective migrational movements, as rather the production of space under the condition of mobility.
In Stuttgart, Germany, where we are currently fellows at the academy Schloss Solitude, we found a node of reciprocal movement between China and Europe in the form of a Chinese language school. There, in separate courses, youths with a Chinese migrational background learn their mother tongue and become a testament to the strengthened consciousness of their own culture within the Chinese community. The adult courses, on the other hand, are primarily comprised of Germans learning Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language. We treat this language school as an „found object“ (objet trouvé) and focus on two classes of the school. The two videos from the installation “Chinese is a Plus” confront divergent views on China as a foreign country: once as a land of origin, once as a projection surface for another life. In addition to exploring these two contemporary perspectives from the West, we address the novelist Lu Xun. His process of self-discovery in the early 20th century, during which time his conflicts between western positivistic science and immersion into his own culture ultimately led to a break with both and made him into China's first modern author.